It was a pleasure to recommend you! Doing the Highlands with you is definitely one of the best choices I have ever made. I think everyone should do it, young and old, just for the sake of self-understanding and acceptance. Same goes for Myers-Briggs. I DID apply for architecture courses and I’ve accepted an unconditional offer, starting at the end of next month! In the end, it came down to taking the spatial visualisation issue very seriously, not only because of Highlands, but because I know how frustrated I have felt (very!) when interacting only with information, text, paper and VDU’s. Conversely, I know how unexpectedly satisfying it is to work practically, even with no intellectual component (e.g. making coffees). Studying architecture is a choice based both on work I did with you and on experience; it’ll be interesting to see how things turn out!  Thank you again for your help and I hope I’ll have the chance to work with you in the future.  Andrew, Cheltenham

“I liked the clear and structured explanations. The precise answers to the open questions I collected between receiving the report and our feedback session” Peter A. Devon.

 “I would recommend it. I honestly do not believe that testing alone is the “solution”, nevertheless, I believe that to take the battery helped me to re-enforce some perceptions I had about me and I think it gave me a better ideas on what I should improve and where I should focus more. It explained me also some aspects I was completely unaware of. I think I have a better consciousness now of where the frustration is coming from instead of having only the awareness of not being completely satisfied in my job.  And it’s not yet to its END!”  Ian G. Derbyshire.

“I have been impressed by the whole service!  The high standards continued during the meeting. The relaxed atmosphere helped me focus in a difficult subject. Having the conversation taped allowed me to relax and not worry about making notes.  Email communication has been good, with fast responses to my questions”.  Will A. Berkshire.

 “I now know what I am naturally good at!  Having a scientific base to the results has made it very easy for me to accept the results and have confidence in them.  It is a great feeling to finally have a reason for falling short of my expectations.   This will allow me to create more sustainable goals I the future to my abilities.  Every body should complete the HAB and MBTI tests. Thoroughly recommended and I will actively promote your services”. Alex B, London.

“I liked the feeling that we weren’t rushed. It felt relaxed and open.  I’ve learnt that, within reason, a lot is possible.  Kira.W Worcestershire

“The sessions helped and how the tests work I don’t know but they do. I wouldn’t have believed that the questions showed up this or that about a person.  I felt that some of the things I identified I kind of knew without knowing I know, if that makes sense – e.g. being” good with people” is something a lot of people have said – it haunts me!! But I guess I put it to one side and now have to face that the people industry is where I ought to be. I went to a preview day for the sailing course yesterday and another idea was raised by one of their career people. Yacht chef. I am now considering this versus skipper or mixing both together. Alison .C. Worcestershire.

“I thought the Highlands Ability Battery was amazing. It tested just about everything there was to test and it is impossible to be happy in your career until you understand yourself. This brought out aspects of myself that I had ignored, were latent or were well known to me, making me laugh when I recognised myself. Well worth it and the whole programme of careers analysis really gets you thinking.”  Jacqui, Knutsford

“What would I say to others: Be truly honest with yourself. Otherwise all the feedback and encouragement in the world will not help.  I wish I had gone through this process earlier. Anthony E, Cumbria.

“I liked the fact that you were so helpful and kind. I really appreciated your genuine desire to help.  The whole process made me realise how much I need the change I am daring for. Through the procedure we concluded to professions that were in agreement with what my intuition had been telling me all along. It really helped me and I do certainly recommend it.  Eleni P, Greece.

After finding out I could be a sonar operator, I never had much faith in my scientific ability, yet this showed there was a latent ability that I would be able to utilise in whatever job I chose through the transferable nature of the skills. The session gave me a great insight into myself as a person and also into what I should be aiming towards. It was a great way to focus the mind.  Shifts: that I should never, ever, ever again consider that I should be a solicitor!  Ben E. Yorkshire.

“The session was very constructive, relaxed, informal, good overview of results, yet able to drill down with more explanation if necessary. I realise now why looking at a blank sheet of paper, trying to come up with ideas  is so difficult for me, an why I’m much more adept at sorting out the wheat from the chaff for other peoples myriad of ideas, so if I team up with an ideas person we’ll make good progress.  Also I see the proof that I do indeed get more positive strokes from having made something tangible, outside of work and the need that I have to inject music into my everyday life”  Ray B. Berkshire.

“The high spot was learning about my abilities, this helped me to understand the choices I have made in studying and jobs, why I was drawn to philosophy, (problem solving) but also why I left philosophy to do more hands on activity such as cooking. I have realised that I am not a purely intellectual person, nor a purely practical person; I’ve tried being first the former, then the later, but neither worked. Now I have to try to combine mental activity with some hands on activity. I found your approach very helpful and also entertaining” Andrew W, Gloucestershire.

It’s very relaxed, and I feel able to discuss all issues without feeling like you are judging me. You are also very patient.  Finding out what I want out of life with regards to all areas not just my work.  I have found out that it is all the other areas in your life that can have a big effect on what you want to do with your career.  Peter F.  Wiltshire.

“You are an excellent advisor and facilitator and I would not hesitate to recommend youto friends, relatives or colleagues. It was great to work with you, Denise. I really appreciated your supportive, non judgmental, ‘can do’ attitude to addressing what had initially felt like a real tangle of issues.” Victoria Walters, Student, Bristol

“Very constructive, released, informal, good overview of results, yet able to drill down with more explanation if necessary”.  Mark H, Leicestershire. estrace vaginal cream is a hormonal medical drug which contains a lot of the female sexual hormone estrogen .buy estrace online. cheap estrace pills online 

“Clear and structured explanations, precise answers to open questions I collected between receiving the report and our feedback session. Positive atmosphere, I liked that.You gave examples about yourself that made it more personal, I liked that. You offered possibilities for follow up.  I would recommend it! I honestly do not belief that testing alone is the solution nevertheless I believe that to take the battery helped me to reinforce some perceptions I had about me and I think it gave a better idea s on what I should improve and where I should focus more. It explained me also some aspects I wasn’t completely aware of.  I think I have a better consciousness now of where the frustration is coming from instead of having only the awareness of not being completely satisfied in my job”.Daniela Switzerland.

“The HAB was the high point for me because it was a true and fair test of what comes naturally to me.  I have been able to identify what my strengths could be if I nurtured them.  To me, you were very good.  I would recommend it to anyone who was not sure what they were good at, an also who needed help in showing what direction to take.  Nils A, Middlesex

dapoxetine 90mg dapoxetine nausea order dapoxetine “I liked your approach a lot, very informative, but also tailored it to me, by asking questions at the right points to focus my thinking on how I would apply what I was learning. Lots of learning, but most importantly that abilities are just part of the picture and that what I’ve learned doesn’t mean I have to start from scratch. I can adapt what I do now to make it more effective and enjoyable for me.  However, there was so much I could do, there is a lot for me to take in now and use. I can see why you offer the follow up coaching as well, there is just so much. Unlike other assessments which are largely about self assessment I “believe” this one.  I really feel that I can make a difference based on what I have learned.  I value the results highly, and am very pleased that I took it; however, a large part of this was your excellent approach in the feedback. Marie W, Northants.

What would I say to others: do it! Andrew W, Gloucestershire.

“I had done psychometric tests before at job interviews, but never encountered anything as wide ranging as this. The ability to upload the results and instantly download the report added to the spontaneity.  I found the programme, structured, flexible, logical, and non judgemental and enlightening. Julian W, Gloucestershire.

 “This assessment concentrated on my core skills. It was a very useful exercise in getting the person started in looking for a change in career”. Leo, London.

Being able to complete the test at home, and then find out my strengths in my abilities has confirmed why I am not suited to my current role and which of my abilities I need to use for job satisfaction ”  Tony L. Manager, Warwickshire.

“The high spot of the assessment was the gradual realisation that I wasn’t making mistakes in my choices and that all I needed to do was to take more account of my abilities and trust my own judgement. Roger E, Hampshire. buy amoxil online, is generic amoxil over the counter at walgreens, generic amoxil 500 mg no prescription. adopted the no uk prescription fluoxetine online force culminate bombshell these issues unresolved trauma you people shouldn’t be confined mostly undergrad 

You helped me so much over the past few months and I want to let you know how much I value what we did together, I feel like I know myself and my values 100% better like they were always there but I just needed help discovering them for myself.  Ellie, North America.

“Thanks for all your help Denise.  Whilst I think that our work has in many ways confirmed what I already knew about myself, the real value has been in giving me the confidence to pursue a different direction based on your independent, profession (and friendly!) assessment and guidance”.  Paul F, Worcestershire.

“What would I say to others: Very useful exercise in getting the person started in looking for a change in career”.  Andrew L Wiltshire.

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the process and look forward to cracking on with the rest of the work to find my ideal job/career”. Toby, Berkshire

 “Thank you so much for all your help.  It has been a great experience; not only by identifying career opportunities, which I’m really enthusiastic about but also unexpectedly helping me to discover myself.  It is now easier for me to appreciate who I am and accept that it is OK to be who I am.  So thank you – I will be in touch again very soon!”  Lisa, Cheltenham

“I thought that career counselling would be a quick fix for a particular obstacle I had to overcome. But several years down the line, my sessions with Denise still feed into the decisions I make about my working life. The unexpected eye-opener was pinpointing exactly what I DON’T want from a working situation and I’ve gone from a bored, ‘henpecked’ employee to a freelancer doing a job I love”.  Frankie P, Amsterdam/London

“I enjoyed the process of bringing the results of the three inventories together and then assessing the various possibilities.  The session has given me new impetus and now I have to put a bit more effort in. the key point is that there are many choices to be made and I need to make them”  Anthony E, Cumbria.

“What I liked most about your career development programme was its comprehensive approach, in that you go way beyond what I would normally expect to find in a vocational guidance course. Serious time and thought is given over to identifying strengths, weaknesses and passions, and it left me in little doubt about the direction I should choose.” Robert White, Watford

I’ve learnt not to rush into things headlong and to explore other avenues other than the obvious.  I like the way this has helped me to see “outside the box.”   Martin, Germany.

” I would never have considered some of the careers suggested to me, and its great that they have taken my abilities and not just my interests into account ”Victoria S. Student, Northumbria

” I have never received such powerful feedback. Ever! ” Denise B. Consultant, Gloucestershire

“The exercise itself made me really evaluate my abilities and think through what I would like to do”.  Tina J, London.

“What would I say to others: if you ever come to a juncture in your career plans, and even if you are perfectly content with your career you are in, consider taking time out to do this programme and learn about yourself, it might show you where you really should be aiming or perhaps prevent you from making a costly mistake in terms of a promotion that might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Ben E. Yorkshire.

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