Most people think they know what they are good at, they are usually wrong – Peter Drucker

The most powerful piece of information for career success is an understanding of your natural abilities.

I’ve been a highlands affiliate since 2002 and have helped hundreds of people understand why they aren’t happy in their work and the steps needed to make their work more fulfilling. For some it may be a major change to move to a new career, for others they will use this knowledge to help them adapt their job to better suit their talents.

Much is made of understanding your strengths (strength spotting) but this goes beyond that to what you can actually do and strips aside the skill to the underlying abilities – powerful stuff!

You will gain a lot from this assessment

  • What your natural talents are
  • How you solve problems and make decisions
  • What career paths will best suit you

And how to use your true strengths more effectively and more consistently

Taking the Highlands Ability Battery will help to identify natural talents and abilities. It’s an objective assessment of how you perform against 19 different work samples including how you best solve problems, how quick you are to come up with new ideas and much more.

The assessment takes just over 3 hours and is taken form a home computer. It doesn’t have to be taken all at once, but can be broken down into a number of sessions. The feedback session takes about 90 minutes (can be done face to face or via the phone) and you also get a full colour 29 page report, Highlands Explolred e-book, one page summary, suggested career options and a recording of the discussion.

Take it further?

Many people use the highlands ability battery as part of a larger career coaching programme. You can combine it with an extra hours coaching, and with other assessments. For more details visit the Amazing People web site

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