Real career success is rarely down to money and status and much more to do with finding a job which ties in with your natural talents and abilities. Understanding our natural abilities helps us understand why we find certain situations difficult and where we will gain most career satisfaction.

The Highlands Ability Battery is an objective assessment of your natural ability and consists of 19 work samples. It’s extensive, taking around 3 hours (but you don’t need to complete it in one session) and the results will help you to really understand yourself.

Your results are shown as percentiles on a graph, comparing your scores to other people who have taken the HAB. A high score isn’t better than a low, it depends on whether a job requires it, or not. It’s frustrating to have an ability and not need it in a job or need an ability you don’t have.

The report is divided into driving abilities, specialised abilities and personal style.

The Driving Abilities


Classification assesses the ability to see relationships among seemingly unrelated events, situations, or information. The relative ability to move from the specific to the more general, to detect a common thread that joins individual objects into a pattern.


Concept Organisation assesses the ability to arrange ideas, information, or objects in their most logical order. The ability to move from the general to the specific in solving problems.


Idea Productivity measures the ability to develop ideas quickly in response to a set of new facts; the quantity of ideas, not the quality.


Spatial Relations Theory measures the relative ability to see and understand how things work. The ability to conceptualise and understand relationships whether between abstractions or between tangible objects.


Spatial Relations Visualization measures the ability to “see” and follow in three dimensions an object that is represented in two dimensions. The ability is related to the relative preference for hands-on work and experience and the satisfaction in achieving tangible results.

The 5 driving abilities are so important Because they drive or influence everything we do. If we ignore them, we run the risk of falling into a role that doesn’t use our strongest talents or demands a talent we don’t have.

The Specialised Abilities

The specialised abilities can be divided into two categories – musical abilities and other specialised abilities. Together and separately, these abilities have an impact on the ways in which an individual takes in and learns new material.